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Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture is available for our business customers! 

Remote Deposit Capture allows you to scan your check deposits right from your location - it's like having a branch in your office!  There are several other benefits to using Remote Deposit Capture:

  • Save time by making fewer trips to the bank.
  • Control when deposits are made, which improves cash flow for your business.
  • Conveniently access deposit reports or research items.
  • Reduced paperwork - no need to copy checks or deposit slips.
  • Electronic endorsements - no need to stamp the back of each check for deposit.
  • Multiple deposit accounts can be set up for Remote Deposit Capture.
  • Make deposits up to 5:00pm MST on regular bank business days.
  • The entire process is safe and secure - protected by advanced technology that ensures data and image integrity.
  • The process is simple and the system is user-friendly.

Use our Remote Deposit Value Calculator below to see how Remote Deposit Capture can benefit your business.  To use this calculator, just fill in the fields above and click the Calculate button.  You may also click on the Advanced Settings tab to further customize your results.

This Remote Deposit Value Calculator lets you estimate how valuable Remote Deposit Capture can be to your business.  Additional value not estimated by this calculator includes the time and cost saved by eliminating manual entry, the ability to automatically update records in other systems and the value of convenience.  The total value provided to your business by Remote Deposit Capture may therefore be substantially higher.

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