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Do you need to send money to your children at college?
Possibly send a donation to your favorite charity?
Maybe even move money from one institution to another?
Our Person-to-Person and Account-to-Account is here to help!

This easy-to-use service allows account holders to conveniently and securely send a payment or request a payment from another person anywhere, at any time, using only the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number. This service also allows our customers to move money between their internal and external accounts.

Benefits to this service include:

  • Access using online, mobile web, or mobile application means
  • Send or receive Person-to-Person payments
  • Transfer money between internal and external accounts, and make loan payments anywhere, anytime
  • Eliminate the need to visit an ATM to withdraw cash or write/deposit paper checks
  • Switch to a faster, more secure way to pay another person, without having to exchange confidential bank account information
  • Track payments and transfers easily and view transactions for tax purposes
  • Use to request and collect payments for small businesses

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