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Telephone Banking

With 24-Hour Telephone Banking you can make inquiries on your checking and savings account balances; make transfers between your accounts; and find Valley Bank and Trust Co. locations.

Just call 1-800-745-6974 to access your account today!

Telephone Banking Directions

  • Have your Social Security Number handy when you call.
  • When prompted, enter (1) for Balance/History or (2) for Transfers.
  • Enter the Star (*) Key when prompted to enroll in the system.
  • When prompted, enter the User ID that was provided by the bank at account opening.
  • When prompted, enter the Temporary Pincode that was provided by the bank at account opening.
  • You will be asked to register the phone number you would normally call from. You will not be asked one of your security questions if you call from your registered phone number from then on.
  • You will then be prompted to set up and answer three security questions from a list of nine questions.
  • Next, you will select a personal message. You can record your own personal message or choose from the pre-recorded options.
  • The last step of the enrollment is to enter and repeat a new four to six digit pincode.